Aesthetic Treatments

  • Antiwrinkle injections
  • For upper face ; crows feet , forehead , frown lines ; under eye areas
  • Midface : gummy smile ; bunny nasal lines
  • Lower face : lip & mouth area ; chin
  • Specialised botox treatments ; tooth grinding ; jaw reduction and headaches
  • Neferfiti lines
  • Anti sweating treatments : for armpits , hands , feet and other areas of the body
    Spasmodic muscle treatments : for areas in chronic muscular spasm or unequal distribution after nerve damage

Filler Treatments

  • Forehead and eyes : fine line areas
  • Mid face ; cheek enhancement : 5 & 8 point lifts
  • Lower face ; nose to mouth lines , marionette area , jaw definition and jaw lift
  • Mouth ; perioral smoker lines
  • Hands and Neck ; skin booster treatments
  • Lips : volumisation & redefinition treatments . Natural lip look only ; no large or duck lips will be done.
  • Fillers used : Juvederm , Restylane , Ellanse , Perfectha , Scupltra , Emervel

Thread Treatment Procedures

Threads can be used in 2 ways
A ) to lift the tissue
B ) to act as a fine filler thread in delicate tissues not suitable for filler or other treatments

Thread lifts
Silhouette Soft & PDO threadlifts are used in suitable clients to give a lift to sagging tissue.

What areas can be treated?

Most common areas to be treated are the jowl and mid face area.
Other areas suitable are : brow , chin , neck
The threads provide a biomechanical lift , with the threads pulling up tissue and then causing collagen stimulation of that tissue to maintain the effect.
The threads dissolve over a 3-6 month period , with the ongoing look sustained by collagen development.

How long will it last?

There have been reports of the effect lasting for up to 2 years. However given the individual effect will depend on your age , skin condition and continued rate of ageing.

Clients with significant sagging and over 50 are likely to need a top up treatment every 6-12 months.

What does the procedure involve?

All clients will need an initial assessment and counselling prior to any treatment .

The procedure involves placing threads in the tissue planes to correct the sag. This is done using a local anaesthetic and a small needle incision. There is virtually no identifiable scar from the incision site.

About 5-7 threads will be put in each side of the face or neck area.

Thread Treatment Aftercare

You will feel a little tight and may well have some facial bruising.

You must avoid impact exercise for 2 weeks and will be advised your tissue will feel tight for up to 4 weeks.

You are otherwise able to continue with your normal activities , thought some clients prefer to take a few days off work after treatment.

What is the advantage over fillers ?

Most ageing affects are due to upper & mid facial collapse of tissue.

In order to correct this , fillers are used to give lift by deep injection over the skull.

However it is not possible to inject suitable filler to give a lift for many areas of the face . Threads are a treatment that can provide this lift .

The threads also provide a great deal of collagen stimulation and most clients report a general rejuvenation effect in their facial tissues .

What is the advantage over a full surgical face-lift

Formal face lift surgery exposes the client to additional risks.

There are permanent scars visible on the face and head .

There is considerable down time.

There are risks of nerve damage and possible over tightening of the tissue.

The threadlift procedure involves a greater reduction in surgical risk , scar risk and is temporary in effect.

Filler Threads

Are dissolvable threads that stimulate collagen and aim to provide volumisation.

Last about 3-6 months and are easily inserted into delicate tissues not ideally suitable for filler therapy.

Common areas treated include: Under eye tissues, Tear trough, Upper lip area

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